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Vanishing Realms

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Buckle up, because Vanishing Realms is unlike any other video game in recent history. Vanishing Realms, developed by Indimo Labs LLC, was created exclusively for the new HTC Vive, which is a virtual reality headset. Released on April 5 of 2016, this is a brand new game and has its own unique set of system requirements.

Virtual Reality is the newest technology in the gaming world that effectively places you in the center of digital action. A headset slips on over your head and projects images in front of your eyes. It’s all presented in 3D format, making you feel like you are a genuine part of the action.

In order to play, you will need the HTC Vive headset, tracked motion controllers, a standing area and a way to scale your room. You also need Windows 7+, Intel Core i7, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 equivalent graphics card and 2 GB available hard drive space. Vanishing Realms is single-player only. It is an adventure RPG and still in Early Access, as it is so new to the market. Additionally, the HTC Vive is only recently available, so not a lot of people have the headset yet. There is somewhat of a learning curve in using the HTC Vive too, so you will want to practice with the virtual reality headset before you even begin playing games such as Vanishing Realms.

Vanishing Realms: Rite of Steel, is a fantasy RPG virtual reality game. With the use of the tracked motion controllers, you will be able to physically move to play the game. You will face life-size monsters, as opposed to watching monsters on a screen. You will have to move in order to play Virtual Realms effectively. During combat, you’ll have to duck, run, crouch and of course, use hand to hand combat with your virtual weapons. As it is a fantasy game, your weapon choices will range from your own hands to swords and daggers and even wielding magic. You can also use your tracking controllers to move an in-game cursor, as some of the actions require you to click on choices or change from room to room. Since your own play area is scaled down, you can’t actually walk the distances that appear within your virtual reality habitat.

The in-game graphics, delivered to your virtual reality headset, completely surround you, making Vanishing Realms a truly realistic experience. Some games describe themselves as immersive because the graphics are vivid and colorful. Vanishing Realms actually does immerse you into its world, because the virtual reality headset crafts the castles and woods, creatures and backpack items all around you. The sights and sounds will place you in the realm, creating a game experience like no other.

Games like Vanishing Realms will bring on a new horizon of gameplay for the next generation of players. With virtual reality running the show, players will have to get off their chairs, stand up and actually get moving in order to play. Vanishing Realms and other virtual reality games promise to get gamers moving like they never have before.