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Is Trinium Wars the Ideal Video Game to Play?

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Is there really a good or bad video game to play? Yes but the answer will depend on what one is looking for. What is good for you might be bad to another gamer and vice versa. Trinium Wars is definitely a sure bet for any gamer because it offers more than one bargains for. In a nutshell, this game is a 3D sci-fi fantasy MMORPG whose setting is around events of the post-World War III Earth.

Too much struggle

It shapes out as two main races battling out in a distressed bid to take full control of resources. As the battle continues, they struggle to deal with unfriendly mutants who have in some way managed to survive the nuclear fallout. That is the general overview of Trinium Wars video game. It is published by Insel Games and IME with a low payer base.

One of the biggest advantages that come with playing Trinium Wars is that you will have control over vehicles in specific instances that it might be deemed necessary. The game is purely player-driven and that will give you all the motivation you need to give it a try. The other advantages that might entice you into playing Trinium Wars are +MOBA-style PvP arenas, +1000-player Resource Wars and +Base building metagame.

It is a norm that every good thing has its bad side and Trinium Wars is no exception. It’s the proverbial two sides of the coin. Some of the downsides for this game include dated graphics, limitation to two factions only, bulky animations and limited classes. However, that should not deter you. Make sure you concentrate on the positives only and you will have the best gaming experience with Trinium Wars.

Narcs and Humans are the only factions that are available for playing this game. As a player, you must begin by selecting which of the factions you will play with. That is the primary step and should not be violated. Humans comprise of mainly survivors from World War III while Narcs is made up of aliens who are the current inhabitants of the earth. With such information, it will be easier for you choosing what to go with.

Two factions available

The storylines for both factions are different but they offer more or less the same classes. You must choose a faction prior to creating characters. Once that is done, you will gain access to three playable classes across both genders. The good thing is that Trinium Wars offers several pre-made options that will make it easy if you wish to customize your characters. Once that is through, you can transport your players to the starting zones ready for battle.

You will then be ready to complete quests in succession and that will move you to different areas making the gaming experience a memorable one. You will be able to progress fast and become stronger in the process. That is the sweetest thing about Trinium Wars. The level of a player will determine the level of gear to engage.