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Tower Unite serves as PixelTail’s standalone update to their very successful and well beloved Gary’s Mod Tower. At its core the original game is a massive community based experience of various mini-games, social gathers and personal customization. Its successor comes in with modern day graphics, a more robust engine system and even more Mini-games to engage and dismantle. The game provides no means of micro-transactions, a constant updated for fixing bugs/glitches and an active staff for questions and problem solving solutions. All of which is happily supported by donations from players and the ever expanding community. Download Tower Unite Free PC Download  and PC crack for free. Also enjoy the tower unite free hacks and cheats.

The graphics of the game’s environment pieces could not get better for this next generation’s instalment. Looking similar to that of Grand Theft Auto V from a first person perspective, Tower Unite looks to fully take advantage of the Virtual Reality in-put and influence. Displaying the graphics to be so good it almost garners a state of fear and slight disbelieve. However the graphic design of characters and their means of customization perceive to be sub-par compared to the details of buildings and environments surrounding them. Nevertheless a very impressive and scary experience when looking through the lenses of Virtual Reality technology. Compelling the message and very much giving a foreshadowing of what the gaming experience would be like in the future generations to come.

The in-game currency comes in the form of Unites and is disturbed through games and other various activities such as gambling and watching movies. It is used to purchaser means of customizations to both the player’s character model and home Condo alike. The use of currency however does not dictate the activities and entertainment the player can engage in, on the contraire it encourages the player to engage and interact with other like-minded players to fully take advantage of everything the game has to offer.

The main HUB and gathering locations comes in the form of the structurally designed Plaza. This is where old friends and soon to be new ones come to interact in conversations, attend parties at elaborate Condos and participate in a soon to be endless supply activities. As of release date the Plaza serves access to the Gaming Station, The Shopping District, Theater, Casino and Board Walk. As noted however, the Plaza is an ever expanding and updating center piece of the game. As the community grows and gives feedback, the activities and concepts will grow, expand and innovate as the calendar date progresses.

The interactive Mini-games of Tower Unite quiche the thirst of casual gamers in their easy to learn but challenging installments. For the initial release date, there are three only official games to play with the promise of many more to come. Those games stand to be Mini-Golf, Ball Race and Virus. Mini-Golf just as the name would suggest, is a game of mini-golf set on a uniquely designed golf courses but without the use of a swinging club. Instead you control the inertia and direction of the ball through an internal forced dictated by an arrow. Ball Race samples the gameplay of the popular model game, Super Monkey Ball. You character is trapped in a ball and has to survive the tortuous maze of obstacles using only the principles of basic physics. A light hearted but very challenging affair. Virus is a first person shooter played with the theme of Infected vs Survivor. A simple take on the shooter genre as the player can play both the survivor and the Infected in the casual means of military combat. Ball Race supporting up to 20 players, Mini-Golf, 16 and Virus, 12 respectively.

The Condo is home sweet home and where the player can live out their Hollywood dreams of being a multimillionaire with very cool toys and fancy gadgets. At home the only limits is the imagination as the player can customize any item down to its rotation, color size and structural configuration. Even adding to the visual appeal, the player can specify the time of day/weather for that perfect picture look of the virtual Condo. When all decorations and designing complete, the player can then invite all their new found friends to parties and memorable hangouts. This is what some would call the life changing aspect of the game taking place, as players establish great friendships, romantic relationships and connections guided through passions and common interests.

Coming new to this instalment is the ability for the player to to host their own Server and establish game-modes as either Ranked or Unranked. The difference being that the Unranked is subject to having data stores only on its local servers and does allow for the distribution and earning of Units. Understandable this method prevents players from glitching and taking advantage of the Unite earning system. Now with the ability for gamers to host on their own servers, players can now create their own rules and events of the game-modes and game-types. Employing to the creative and active minds of the community the tools to establish and expand on what make the original GMods Tower so great to begin with. Also noted, the game provides several of its own servers, making sure to provide a smooth and cooperative playing experience all across the board.

Tower Unite a game where there are no ways to gain a definitive win or negative lose, instead it holds its entertainment value on interaction with other players and the virtual world alike. The experience is then mainly placed in the hands of the player and their skills of imagination and greater sense of community. Taking a deeper dive in the realm of Virtual Reality, Tower unite provides an even more detailed to a world of a secret life on the internet. A world filled with people, places, problems, actives and parties arguably more entertaining than their real life counterparts. We might not be too far off in getting lost in the Virtual world after all. The game only a retail price of 14.99 with the promise of no micro-transactions and free updates, being available exclusively for the PC gaming platform.