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Smashy city Hacks

Smashy city Hacks

Tips and Tricks to Play Smashy City

It is obvious that you will experience a few difficulties when playing Smashy City for the first time. It is a simple video game but you need to get used to it before becoming a good player. How do you become a good player? It will all start with your personal commitment and will to play the game. You should not be pushed into playing but do it out of your own willing. Then, you should keep on practicing the game from time to time which will make you perfect.

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smashy city hacks

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In addition to that, there are many ways to get your game right whenever playing Smashy City. The following tips and tricks will help you out in a big way:

  • You should be aggressive enough to attain the highest score. Ensure you have survived to play for the longest periods and that will increase your score automatically.
  • Try to avoid the police or army who can stop you from making as much destruction of the city as you can. That is the only way you will be able to smash down tall buildings, skyscrapers and many other physical structures of a city.
  • There are many legendary monsters so be sure to choose the best one. An ideal monster should have skills and strengths that can make it easy for you winning.
  • For every monster you are playing with, have it in the rampage mode. That way, it will be indestructible and you will have the freedom to smash anything that comes your way.

This video game comes for free but you can still make purchase. However, the choice will be all yours to make. The other thing that makes Smashy City an interesting video game to play is the features it comes with. They are unique and make it stand out from the rest easily. With the features, it’s easy telling the difference between Smashy City and other video games. Some of the features to lookout for include:

  • Up to 26 monsters which is more than enough number to make sure you cause all the destruction you want in the city. You will be assured of wreaking havoc with this number of monsters available for your choice.
  • There is a randomly generated town that is unending. It is enormous and will help you to accomplish the mission at hand with much ease.

There are many other new features to lookout for including new characters. You can try them because they might come with luck that you hardly get to enjoy with other monsters. Flying around the city to collect Cows can be a good strategy to help you register a high score so never ignore that.

The good thing with Smashy City is that you are given many downloading options whenever playing. Look out for the latest version so that you get to enjoy the best features. The apps for this video game come with superiority thus can be easily used with any type of mobile device.