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For beginners, Savage Lands video game is basically a survival game that is set in a fantasy world. It is played on a setting of a frosty island where snow is predominant. It’s a place characterized by cold but that should not make playing any difficult. You will be up for the best gaming challenge and experience with Savage Lands.

Being a new land, you must take your time to study the setting for the game before beginning to play. You must have a good understanding of the terrain to prevent any mishaps that might come your way. Your gaming has to be flawless and this step will be a big one towards realizing that. There is the other important aspect of taking full control of your characters when playing Savage Lands.

It should not be difficult for you because it’s the same as any other video game you have played. But, that should not be an excuse for you to treat it lightly. In any case, you will not be able to enjoy this game if you lack control over the characters. They should dance to your rhythm literally. There might be a few features that are missing in Savage Lands but it’s nothing to hold back your experience.

Take good control

You must do with what is available and gaming will meet your expectations. The “shift” key is one of the controls to use and it’s for sprinting purposes. The ability to crouch is very important for a player. With that, it’s possible to survive under tough situations. For instance, a player can hide so as to sneak away from an aggressive player. Without proper player control when playing Savage Lands, you stand high chances of losing out because players will possibly get out of hand and die.

Look out for status effects and Savage Lands come with three key ones to use for playing. Stamina is shown in yellow, red is for health while body temperature is indicated with blue color. Considering that the setting for this game is a bit cold, some of these meters like body temperature are very important to indicate how you are progressing on such fronts. They might seem to be very minor issues but are extremely critical when playing Savage Lands.

For body meters, you can watch out for starving, diseases, poisoning and bleeding. Depending on how you play, it’s easy to overcome all those but you will succumb to some or all of them if you play poorly. Make good use of the following key features for Savage Lands:

  • Extensive crafting– this will help you to create weapons, clothing, items, armor as well as structures through harvesting enemies and gathering resources.
  • Dynamic night and day– this feature will come in handy because nights and days are usually lengthy with ruthless weather effects.
  • Fantastical world– you will get to play alongside scary creatures in a fantasy world. It can just make you happier.
  • Survival focused– there are many things that will endanger your life at the island and getting enough protection will be important.