Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Hacks and Cheats

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is actually an online card game available for most mobile phones and tablets. There is also a PC version, though your computer needs to have enough memory to run it properly. Hearthstone came out in the spring of 2014 and is developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

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If the name sounds familiar to you, it could be because Blizzard developed World of Warcraft also; players call that one WoW for short. Unlike WoW, Hearthstone is much easier to get a handle on playing and nearly anyone can grab a copy of the game and start playing. The game is free.

There is a short tutorial before you even download the game that describes basic gameplay. There is also an in-game tutorial which is more thorough about explaining the rules. It’s a relatively simple game to pick up, but much harder to give up once you’ve figured it out! What you may notice right away is the stunning artwork. The dark background really makes the colorful art pop, and all the characters are really jaw-dropping.

Heroes of Warcraft starts out with a coin toss. The loser of the coin toss gets an extra mana point as a concession, because going first gives a slight advantage. The mana jewel helps even your chances a bit. Then each card you draw explains what you’re able to do during your turn. A series of attack or defense cards will determine what you’re able to accomplish.

The hero of the game is you. You choose your hero which has certain skills and weapons. Using those skills assigned to your hero determines what you’re able to do in your attack. For example, if your hero is Jaina Proudmoore, then you will have the ability to inflict a damage of 1 and have a hero power of 2. If you’re playing as Gul’Dan, then you have a hero power of 2 and when you draw a card you take a damage of 2. Your opponent and yourself will also have ‘minion’ cards which will aid in your card battles. Your minions can receive damage intended for you or inflict damage of their own.

Hearthstone is pretty basic when it comes to gameplay. You’re taking turns with one other opponent. Your opponent could be an online player or the computer. Each of you has 30 points to start and the object of the game is to reduce your opponent to zero points. Furthermore, each card you draw directs what actions you can take on your turn. Sounds easy, right?

As in most card games, there is more than meets the eye. In Hearthstone, part of the gameplay is knowing when to use your most powerful cards and when to wait. The game, while somewhat easy to learn, has evolved to the point of having professional teams across the globe. There are also websites and phone apps and its own wiki page. Hearthstone, while simple enough to get new players every day, is challenging enough that players all over the world can’t get enough of these otherworldly Heroes of Warcraft.