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A Knight Filled With Adventure

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A Good Knight Story looks to hold validation in its title by telling a great night story. Set in the very familiar timeline of medieval mythology filled with Castles, Kings, Dragons and Knights. You follow through with a story just as intriguing as the gameplay itself.

A Good Knight Story set foundation is on its combat mechanics. Sampling elements of other battle schemes such as Pokémon in using the rock, paper and scissors methods of elimination. Where one element is strong against the other and is weak against its opposite. As well as a mixed in puzzle solving elements as seen in the popular Candy Crush gameplay. At its core the player matches elements of three or more to perform an element based move which is categorized as an Attack, Defensive Shield, Replenishing Health and momentarily Attack Boost.

These matches of elements can be made horizontally, vertically, dialogue and combinations of the three making for means ‘T’ and ‘V’ ‘Z’ and other connections alike. The connection of three or more (up to six) make a Common Attack while connection of six or more makes for a Super Attack of definitive strength and power. There is also the implications of Power Ups that provide various assists of health boast, powerful attacks and boats of defensive strength. This based combat providing the advantages and disadvantages at the player’s disposal with a decent amount of luck and chase serving as the decisive factor. With greater experience of the game however these simple techniques can very much develop to become chess like strategic planning and execution. Providing a perfect mix for the hard-core players at heart and those also looking to serve a casual play-through on their idle time.


It also has its fair share of Rpg concepts, as your character is able to advance in Armor, Weapons and Power Ups. The stats’ tree is kept at a bare minimum of Shield, Health and Attack Power respectively. The difference maker being that Weapons equipped provide a boost in status as well give advantages to current key based elements. Even more simple is the currency based means of exchange, it may come off as a shock but there is only one ultimate means of purchase is that of gold based Coins.

The graphical design is simple yet intriguing, much like a cartoon that prides itself of the dialing instead of the weird and wacky visuals. Sadly however unlike other games of its kind, there seems to be a minimal approach for combat animations. From the lower levels as well as the higher ones, there are the simple punches and lingers of the sword and the variety of other weapons that emphases attack schemes. Understandably, the main focus is on the puzzle broad and the animations simply seem to serve as a backdrop graphic rather than a factor of visual admiration. The player can then focus on the enemies’ healthy bar with blood thirsty vengeance and despair. The game is not without its lack of creativity however as its artistic skills shines in the character designs, both comically and aesthetically. With a healthy mix and variation of Knights, Zombies, Dragons and most notably Bartenders alike.


The game’s story unlike many mobile games in this day and age, takes a front row seat as there are no multiplayer aspects to the gameplay. The story then progress through interactive based dialogue at the bars with the bar Tenders. Depending of the choice of words however the experience could be one of presents and gifts or another means of surviving combat. Regardless of the interaction the story continues as you learn about the adventures you and your drunken friends have entertained.  Sampling the story of the movie The Hangover,  you showily but surely piece back information of the night before to see what trouble you have really created for yourself.

Empathizing on the minimal elements that brought the gaming industry to the mainstream, a Good Knight story looks to pay homage to the forefathers that came before it. Providing a simple but equally complex combat system, a funny and completing story and the employments of modern day cultural references. Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication and A Good Knight Story looks to embrace that ancient concept.