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Your gaming experience will never be the same again with Final Fantasy 9. This is a video game that was initially released in 2000 but has been going through much advancement over the years including 2016. If you played the game in 2000, you will be up for a totally fresh experience this time round. There are many new features that have been added while others have been improved. All that is in the effort to make sure you enjoy to the fullest. Download and get the free pc download for final fantasy 9 . Download final fantasy 9 crack. Also, enjoy final fantasy 9 cheats and hacks.

The availability of Final Fantasy 9 on Steam in 2016 is a big plus to the experience of any gamer. You have no reason to miss out on that if you are into real gaming. There are eight key characters that define this game. Zidane Tribal is the top one and plays out as a member of Tantalus which is a bandit group that pretends to be a theatre group.

Other characters are Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, Adelbert Steiner, Freya Crescent, Quina Quen, Eiko Carol, Amarant Coral and General Beatrix. All these characters have their specific roles that they play in the whole game. Developers of Final Fantasy 9 have designed it in a unique way such that no role contradicts the other and no character plays multiple roles. It is an embodiment of true professionalism in regards to development of video games.

Minor characters available

In addition to that, the game comes with several other minor characters that play fringe roles but are as well vital to success of this game. At first, it will be difficult to recognize them as they develop with the progress of the game. The plot of this video game revolves around Zidane who in cahoots with his colleagues at Tantalus Theater kidnap Princess Garnet, the heir-apparent of Alexandria. The Princess tries all she can to escape from the castle to avoid being kidnapped.

In a surprise occurrence, Zidane and the Princess together with her personal guard Steiner find themselves working together. In the whole story, these characters get to learn a lot of things that they never knew about including their own lives. It’s a surprising turn of events but that is what will make Final Fantasy 9 an interesting watch for any gamer out looking for an exciting game.  The following are some of the standout features that you can expect to enjoy with Final Fantasy 9:

  • Trance- this one helps characters to get new skills that come with immense power. All characters will be on Trance mode once completely charged and that will make sure they can withstand any battle.
  • Abilities– there are many new abilities that Final Fantasy 9 comes with and it’s upon you to master all. Once you have achieved that, it will give you limitless customizing options.
  • Mini-games– these mini-games come in big numbers and you can enjoy them when you are not fully engaged with Final Fantasy 9.
  • Synthesis– this feature will allow you to combine more than one item for a stronger item. Nothing goes to waste with Final Fantasy 9.