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Clash clans hacks

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War, What Is It Good For?

In a world where literally everybody and their grandmother has a cell phone it makes you wonder, how the hell are these cell phone sales representatives making quota each and every week? Anyway, what use is a fancy device if you don’t have a means of playing, interacting, and investing in its technology? This is where the once esoteric and mysterious gaming culture of computer geeks and nerds worldwide hits the mainstream. Clash of Clans, the strategy building style type game, bringing to the masses and the means of defeating idle time and getting lost in higher rankings and status.

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Clash Clans Hacks

clash clans hacks

clash clans hacks

At its core Clash of Clash commands players to building a small Village into a Kingdom of medieval excellence by the means of harvesting resources, developing an army and defending that army at all costs. Becoming both the attacker and attacked as the player progress in building a structure of great visual nauseam.

It would be an understatement to say that this games foundation is based on gathering resources. Subsequently enough there are three forms of which take a hefty amount of time and patience to obtain and manifest. The first form is Gold which is extracted by building of Gold Mine and collected in the Gold Storage which caps the amount of Gold you can acquire. Now to upgrade or purchase more Gold Mines/Storages you need Elixir, which surprisingly enough is obtained and upgrading by the means of requiring Gold. The same principle applies to the Elixir as there is both an Extractor and a Storage that is used to cap the amount that can be collected. To offset this paradigm there is the all powerful and valuable currency of Gems. Which is the universal resource as it can be used to purchase both Gold and Elixir. This precious commodity is gained by earning achievements and completing obstacles as well as (and very encouraged by) the spending of real world currency.

With the resources gained the next step is building an impenetrable defense, as the saying goes in all sports, defense wins championships. For this there is the availability of medieval artillery/combat as well as a healthy mix of its mythology. The first fundamental aspects of these defensive tools include the building blocks of Barriers, the powers of Cannons/Archer Towers and the exploding based weapons of Mortars and Bombs. All of which can be upgraded and are later replaced by more powerful tools of destruction. Now with the solid foundation of a steady means of resource gathering and well defended base we can build the army of attack! This is where the mythology aspect of warfare comes into play with the packaging of Wizards, Goblins, Viking and other magical creatures of the like.

One notable element in this type of game however is the lack of interaction. After a player has upgraded everything to the extent of his/her resources the only thing left to do is wait patiently or attack other Villages. The only means of combat however is placing the Warriors where one sees fit and hoping the quality of attack is enough to claim the victory. Also to note that specific soldiers have specific targets as well. For example while the Barbarian and the Archer can attack any enemy the Giant and Goblin respectively, have specific targets playing into their character’s model. The Giant’s favorite target are Defensive builds and is designed to be very effective in destroying Defensive walls and their variations. The Goblin on the other hand, (playing the theme of being a Gold theft) has the favorite target of resources and does a 2x damage on them. In many events leaving the most exhilarating part of the game only to be experience by the simple tapping of the screen say, 25-100 times.

Trophies are the way to properly calculate the player’s skill level and level of progress. It is also used to determine the type of players one attacks and is theoretically going to be attacked by. Although players can choose to engage on Villages higher or lower level than theirs, the element of fair play and challenge is still encouraged. Playing a vital role as Trophies are earned by attacking and claiming victory to other Villages and lost by falling to a defeat. Trophies in turn serve as the main factor of offensive attack in climbing the leaderboards for bragging rights and shiny medals of achievement.

Diving deeper into the gameplay and you enter the realm of Clan Wars. In Clan Wars the players essentially joins a Clan and starts from scratch preparing their War Base for attacks. This base is separate from the main home Village and servers as the primary PvP and interactive portion of the game. The War game lasting 2 days; the first being the preparation/scouting day and the next being the War day of a 1 hour of attack and defense. The War is won by obtaining the most amount of Stars and the Stars are gained by the effectiveness of the Clan’s attack strategy. Clan Wars respectively then serves the games, dare I say “try hards” and employs the passionate interactions and cooperative play experiences in high levels of competition.

Putting together the slow dance of resource gathering, maintaining a defense and building a healthy offense becomes the central theme of Clash of Clans. Notably however the slow progression of the game hinders the enjoyment aspect of playing for casual new comers. As the game further progresses it becomes obvious the amount of time based strategy that is employed. For example to upgrade a Level 7 Elixir Collector to a Level 8 it takes a span of 48 hours and the only opinion to upgrade the pace is by spending of Gems. Jokingly enough with higher levels it takes up to weeks to upgrade any aspect of the game. In the meantime the home Village is subject to attack my both players and Mpcs alike, unless of course you have the means of the obtaining/purchasing more Gems through real world currency.

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Attack and be attacked as you gather resources and advance your way to the riches of higher levels of gear, visual aesthetics and the means of all so powerful weapons and soldiers. With a very slow means of reward and progression the style of the gameplay embodies the concept of delayed gratification at its finest. The word of addiction or the phase of being addicted cannot be emphasized more than in this style of gameplay. Patience is a futile as you build and destroy to offset the dread of idle time.