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A known practice in the entrepreneurship goes like this; you don’t have to have a great idea or invention to be successful, you just have to improve on one that already exists. With this principle and following the same trend of addictive strategic based gameplay, the developers Clash of Clans deliver the equally appealing Boom Beach.     boom beach cheats and hacks

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Boom beach cheats and hacks

Much in the form of Clash, the games central theme revolves around gathering resources and using those resources in building a strong defensive and a simultaneous developing a stronger offensive attack. Employing the same principles of patience, a well place of defensive strategy and a heavy array of offensive artillery.

Boom beach is a great game but similar to other games you need gold resources and diamonds to prosper when you advance. What we have discovered is that there are many generators out there that don’t work but fortunately we have found a working one for you. This one works so you can use it to hack boom beach and generate unlimited diamonds, gold, stone, wood and quicken the time to advance in the game.

Starting at the fundamentals, the Headquarters is the pride and joy of every home Base, essentially the queen that has to be protected at all costs. The HQ caps and adds on the advancing Weaponry, Support Technology and Equipment’s of the game. Subsequently this is the main target of attack, for once the HQ falls down, so does every other building, automatically producing a resource based defeat. Going hand and hand with the HQ, the Radar is what is used to scout and expands the player’s Level of Vision. Giving more opportunities, expanding the territory and gaining a more diverse set of opponents and Mpcs. Victory Points are used to calculate the effectiveness of the Radar. Much like Trophies in Clash of Clans, VC are the Level indicator that determine the match making aspect of the game. Image: My humble beginnings to say the least. At a quick glance this game very much parallels the likes of its predecessor, Clash of Clans.


Onto the foundation of resource gathering, there are main two forms of progression and the employment of the universal currency. The first is Gold which can be used to upgrade the offensive military attack while in turn Wood and later the compounds of Iron and Stone are used to build defensive perspective and further enhance resource gathering. Diamonds then serve as the universal currency that can be used to purchase all means of production. Image: Time is money. Or is money the buyer of more time? Idk…


The face of your military from the pretty animated commercials come in the form of the loyal Troopers. Categorized and unlocked from a synchronistic perspective comes the Riflemen, Heavies, Zookas, Warriors, Tanks, Medics, Grenadier and Scorchers. Riflemen, the face of the brand of the game come in cheap but sturdy. Men of combat, providing a balanced state sheet and best used in large numbers. Heavys serve as the bullet sponges and heavy artillery deliverers, with their Machine gun of rapid fire, they take down defenses with little effort. Zookas a set ahead of dealing damage than the Heavies, carrying rocket launchers ideal for building takedown. With low health but large range, they provide the distant aerial attack needed for the on ground victory. Warriors are the only melee based militant in the game, provided strong attacks when given the opportunity, used with Smoke Screens and Shock Blasters, they can eliminate the enemies HQ with little to no casualties. A combination of the Heavy and Zookas comes in the form of the Tanks, as evident to its name provide powerful attacks but slow and stationary movement, making it a noticed presence on both sides of the field. Medic are the pure support character of healing purposes, although arguably the Medical aid of the Gunboat provides a better aid without the use of Landing Craft space. And just like the commercial the Grenadier deploys inaccurate, but effective grenades, employing a splash damage and ideally used to set off Mines. Last but not least are the Scorchers serving as the final unlock able Troop. A very powerful flamethrower type tank that causing a wide range of damage to any and all building. Also once destroyed explodes causing further damage to nearby building as Troops alike.

The development of the home Base comes in the building of these four categories: Economy, Defensive, Support and Prototype.  The Economy homes in the resource developing buildings and well as the storage capacities. The Defense, much as its name suggests are the military Weaponry of Machine Guns, Cannons, Sniper Towers and Mines that the player strategically distributes. The Support category houses the Gunboat, Landing Craft, Weapon Lab and Weapon Development aspects. Mainly this is where resources are sent in for upgrading and aiding further progression in the game. The Prototype building still play into the defensive element of gameplay but with a futuristic twist. Harboring Weapons such as, Laser Beams, Shock Blasters and Boom Cannons, they serve as rewarding means of destruction in higher levels of play.

Also not without its mythological elements, Boom Beach has a structure of Ancient Mayan like Warriors as well as Ancient Statue esk depictions that serve to boost various stats. These Statute’s are created by the gathers of Power Stones. Aiding in the excitement of attacking bases and claiming victory comes with the reward of these Stones. These Power Stones are dropped randomly but yield a greater probability the higher level of Victory Points the player has compared to one’s own. These stones are then collected and used to build Statues that grant increased buffs of resource production, Base Defense, attacking Troop power and Gunboat Energy. Separating in the categories of Life, Magma, Ice and Dark, respectively.

Unlike Clash, the combat aspect of the game provides a deeper level interaction. Manifesting in the form of Troop deployment and the use of the offshore Gunboat. The Troops are carefully deployed and maneuvered while the Gunboat provides a needed support and strategy. The use and operation of the Gunboat serves as Boom Beach’s bread and butter of strategic military combat. In the means of support it provides the means of Troop Mobility, Healing Elements, Smoke Screens and Electric Stunners. On the offensive side it employees Aerial Assaults, Barrage Cannons and Critters, giving much aid and leaving less work for the Troops. This in turn deepening the interactive experience of combat in an area of which its predecessor, Clash seemly lacked. The Gunboat operated by the use of Energy, balancing the gameplay as it separates it use of power in Support and Weaponry. Keeping the combat going, Energy points are rewarded for defeating the enemy’s defenses/buildings throughout the match.

A big exploit of the combat comes however in the defeating of the HQ. Much like in the concept of Happy Potter’s game of Quittage where the match automatically ends when one team can catchers Fitch. In the case of this Boom Beach however the Fitch becomes too easy to catch. In essence the best way of victory becomes the strategy of attacking the HQ at all costs. With a decent amount of resources such as Smoke Screens and Electric Stunners (that leave opposites weapons useless for a time), the attacking army can focus full force in the primary target with little resistance. Without the need to slowly defeat the defensive weaponry, in most cases capturing the victory with little to no lose of Troops. Image: Courtesy of Youtuber: Nickatnyte displaying an immaculate exploit of sheer destructive power. Aiming all fire on the HQ and using Warriors, Smoke Screen and Electric Stunners. Too much Gunboat energy indeed!


The multiplayer aspect of play is expressed in a passive way. As each player has their core island of serving as Home base, there are other islands servings as resources grounds, enemy Mpcs and other enemy players HQs. Most notably however are the computer generated islands that grant resources to conquer and control. To a great liking the opposing players and enemies are always of a similar level and provide healthy means of interaction. A fair tug of war then ensues for resource gathering, Troop conservation and planned strategic attacks. Image: The holy convenient Medals of Military Warfare. You can’t buy these out… wait wait hold on, wait a minutes. Oh, yup, yeah, never mind yes you can.


What separates Boom Beach from other games alike and even its predecessor is of the vast and different array of attack elements. With two means of interaction it provides a deeper level of fun as the entire match becomes a full focuses approach rather than a few simple clicks/taps of the screen. Even with the concept of the exploit, every victory is as satisfying and interactive as the last. The biological need of expand and conquer is teased and quenched as one expands their Radar/level of view and continue to see and defeat island of enemies and other dedicated players alike.