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Blueprint Tycoon is an economy based simulator where the player properly constructs and maintains a functioning economy for maximum profit. Available to play in its pre-release form the game nicely presents and maintains its essence of play-style and nuance of strategy.

The graphics take a minimal approach and the game stays true to its name in resembling a blueprint layout. As the gameplay progress the simplistic art design complements the plethora of information, leaving it to be fairly easy analyzed and applied. Even still it is not without its pre-release problems, being distracting by an overflow of pop-up windows and notifications in times of play. Leaving a lackluster taste for the essence of clarity but does not develop a problem that leaves the progress unmanageable.

Very much similar to the concepts of today’s popular base builder games, Blueprints Tycoon’s core means of gameplay focuses on developing and gathering various amounts of resources. From Harvesters, to Coal and Wood, the economy (much like the real world counterpart) thrives on the backing of these necessary goods for efficient living. The player is then subject to strategically planning, researching and problem solving as they gain profits and collect names to further move onto the next matter of business. The various means of production are categorized as Housing, Harvesters, Crafters, Research Waste Disposer and Construction respectively. In essence the Workers, Engineers and Researches are the starting foundations of the project and from there the complexity grows are you are able to build more and expand to further buildings of development.

Within each crafted structure there are options of specific blueprint designs.  The first being the original and default opinion with the ability to create one’s own for a more effective and specific use. There are three functions within each resources gathering structure, Gather, Grab and Drop. These are interchangeable and vary depending on the type of building structure. The balancing act also plays in as there can be an over exceeds on producing any material good, whether it being Harvest produce, Workers and more often than not Waste. Much like a game of pop up, there is always something to configure, fix, update and maintain.

Contracts serve as the games incentive to build and create as well as a rough guideline for the player on where to expand the economy next. For this there are two types of Contract, one being mission where the player has to complete regardless of outcome and the other being ones that can be chosen from their stance of efficiency and overall net gain profit.

With the ability to lose workers, have an oversupply of material and not following contract agreements, the game provides a definitive way of losing. If for example a work station is not properly blueprinted it creates a short wire which leads to a loss of income and effectually shut down the entire economy. Suffice to say a close attention to detail is key as any small misstep can lead to a snow ball effect of frustration and ultimate disaster. To help with this factor there is the display of instant net profit as well as net loss, dictating whether the player is moving in the right direction or has to pause and configure some troubleshooting mechanics.

Also playing into the balancing act of production, the game has a Reputation dictator. This analyzes how efficiently the entire economy is working on the parts of the Workers, Engineers and Researchers alike. Not just serving as a nice number, if the Reputation number is low enough then it will lead to the halt of production facilities and a stop to the expanding economy. Giving a great incentive for the player to fix any problem before their workers go on strike and leave for other blueprints of greener pastures so to speak.

Once workers are established, fed and progress is being made, the player unlocks the ability to use the Research Laboratory which gains access to the more tangible materials of the means of further expansion. The Lab research is categorized into 4 Tiers which are unlocked in congruence. Tier 1 holds Coal, Iron and Leather. Tier 2 holds Wood Panels and Tools. Tier 3 holds Copper, Sand, Mechanical Parts and Microchips. Lastly Tier 4 possesses Oil, Plastic and Robot technology. There are also other islands to conjure and expand ones territory. Certain islands are abundant in some tools of construction while others serve as a wasteland. Ports and Ships are then use to trade between each and every island.

As the player gets past the tutorial aspect however the journey is very similar and never too far off from the last. The only difference being the visual appeal of each blueprint but once broken down to the numbers, each new game of Blueprint Tycoon is the same with only a slight integration. Understandable however this being a fairly new game and I am sure the genius of the play style will come with many hours played and countless Blueprint figurations tested. Nevertheless it is not without its addictive and satisfying elements. Blueprint puts to test the problem solving and analytical skills of each player as they are chase the endorphins releases of maximum profit and economic immortality.