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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada looks to impress as it is the first RTS game built on the Unreal 4 engine. With immaculate graphics, a deep lore of story and intense real time battles, it scratches the niche of many lovers of the franchise and real time strategy enthusiast alike.

Taking advantage of the Unreal engine, the graphics take no back seat as they display the character and personality of every battle ship fleet. With seemly an endless amount of customization and color configuration, the game looks just as pretty as it runs. Alongside the detailed design of the ships is the gameplay element looks as good in it’s in its 2d angle of display. Displayed with detailed explosions, warp drives, blast cannon and engaging color scheme in the open mirage of future space military combat.

As of late the game is closing in on its official release and is now given to us as a late Beta build. At its core the games design and build are focuses on the player’s internal fleet and how well they can magnifier their command both on and off the battle playing field. With an emphasis on personality and diversity the game provides the means of commanding four factions groups. Each faction harboring their own unique style, advantages/disadvantages and lore for their story concept element. The early access build the Imperial Navy, Chaos and Ork Pirate are available to play leaving the Eldar Corsairs out of the action for now.

Imperial Navy: Serving as humanities excellence of engineers and space combat. Coming with the aesthetic theme of Medieval Castles. The Imperial ships have in them the human prowess of not being the strongest or the fastest but using the intelligent of the mind to overcome the competition. Most notably the Navy holds the power of the Nova Cannon which contends to capture the top spot for most over powered weapon if there was a debate on the subject.

Chaos: The Rebel Base found in all military affairs, straying away from the Imperial Navy their ships they consist of old Naval ships with a retro twist that come with their own perks and tricks. While not as powerful in attack of their former faction, the Chaos make up for the loss in their speed and range ability. Taking in both the elements of long range and close courter combats with notable virility.

Ork Pirates: An even more rebel version of the Chao group, the Ork Pirates are nothing pretty to look at but their sheer anarchy and non-formal means of combat make seemingly make for brutal combats and victories. As they compose their fleet of scrap and samples from other battle ships, their design tactic both in the visual and combat consist of chaos more than the Chaos factions themselves. With a lack of professional engineering weapons of attack they make up for it with a strong defensive prowess and an inch for ramping the engine out of other battle ships.

Eldar: On the opposite side of the spectrum of the Pirates are the Eldar who possess ships of excellent design with the best technology the universe has to offer. The Eldar ships are fast and serve as the game’s best maneuverable crafts, on the contraire however they have a very weak defensive and shield mechanics. Despite their technology they lack the defensive power of other arsenals and rely on in their affective movements of strategy to secure the victory with the least amount of casualties possible.  Catering their playing style of being a hit-and-run tactic as they use their abilities of Holo-fields to make for a difficult and agile opposites.


Each ship’s credibility is based upon its stats as well as the stats of the crew members that it harbors. Through each surviving each encounter, both the crew and the battle ship gain experience which leads to better artillery and defensive skins. The stats of each ship are nicely summarized in the categories of Characteristic, Weapons, Traits and Tags. The upgrade factor play into the Deck style gameplay and are categorized in the sections of Engine, Generator, Deck, Hull and Weaponry. In addition to the upgrades there are the variants of Fauctions which are sub-factions that provide a more esoteric look to each ship as well as its various unique benefits and upgrades.

`           The Crew serves a very interact part of the gameplay and need not be ignored. As they develop their skill and level up, so does the verbosity and power of the ship that they are operating. These are separated in the means of Commander, Navigator, Tech-Prest, Master Gunner, Rating, Servitors, Squadron Sergeant. Each serve a pivotal point in the in-game actions sequences of play. The Commander reduces the chance of mutiny, the Navigator reduces the chase of a ship being lost in warp drive, Tech-Prest reduces cool downs of emergency repairs, Master Gunner increase attack power, Rating gives more troop quantity and quality, Servitors reduce Card cool down and lastly the Sergeant aid ships with fighters. This incorporated which the ships mechanics of shields and weaponry aid in the development of the Defend, Damage, Control, Support, Recon, and Maneuver base skill tree.

The game holds several game modes to test the array of the player’s battleship and playing style. Convey Escort, Space Station Assault, Breakthrough, Data Recovery, Assassinate and Planetary Assault respectively. Solo Skirmish establishes the games A.I competitive build without the story aspects involved, essentially providing the use of any faction in randomized games for benefits and experience.  In essence establishing a healthy mix of one on one with the A.I, your typical defense and escort missions as well as all-out assault of the player’s best fleet that he or she has available on hand. Incorporated in this is the immersive Story mode where the player starts as an Imperial Caption on the break of a universal war between mainly the Chaos and the other factions alike. With nothing being held back the Story mode provides detailed cut-schemes and great scripting for the expanding of the complex and ever growing Warhammer universe.

Focusing on the gameplay aspect, avoiding getting his is just as much as important as displaying a strong offensive attack. For if one part of the ship is damages than any weaponry or ability associate with that side is unusable for the entirely of the match. Unless that is if the player has the ability to warp-drive and repair the ships damages. In this chaos the multiplayer aspect is where the real time strategy of each player is tested. The solo aspects take a more light hearted approach as the player is able to slow down and pause the action for a more calculated next move. Seemingly slow and lackluster at first, the fights and escorts greatly expand as the both the ships and weapons get bigger and more immersive. A gaming style that truly caters to the hard-core RTS fans at heart.

Not too many flaws nor critic can be seen in this new installation of the Warhammer universe. In a market where Space battle ship combat fleets are few and far between, Armada should soon be holding the crown for most enjoyable game in that genre. Taking players to space for what looks like the future of space combat and ultimate chase of military supremacy.